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HAIR FIXING Technology: US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING has developed the patching technology in the following manner

  • Step1: free consultation and demonstration
  • Step2: Analyzing for which methodology to be suggested to the customer.
    1: Patching
    2: Bonding
    3: Weaving
  • Step3: Taking the texture, color and size measurement of the customer and identifying the template to be made.
  • Step4: Once the measurements have been taken an estimate of the cost will be provided and an advance booking to be done for the hair piece.
  • Step5: If the hairpiece is unavailable with us it will take 2-3 days to get the piece imported
  • Step6: Once the piece arrives, it will be fixed within an hour's time to the customer's bald portion.

  • Patching: a locking technique which customer can do a service himself and earn be unlocked.
    Bonding: imported medicated bio tapes and adhesives used to permanently fix.
    Weaving: wafted meticulously to the existing hairs (frequent servicing required)

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