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Baldness is a widespread dilemma in this modern era. We know the importance of hair in grooming person's personality. Due to hereditary, climate, disease, away of living stress and strain, hair fall is very common these days are there are no effective medicines to prevent this. US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING CENTREis real shelter for those people who are suffering from such hair loss problems.

US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING CENTRE is very simple and gentle. US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING uses American technology for hair fixing, artificial synthetic hair is weaved meticulously on to the polymer based non-natural scalp. They decide the hair style by considering the color, length and texture of hair and the customer's age. High quality products and service of high qualified technicians, clinic with international standards differs US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING from other hair fixing companies.

US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING CENTRE method is free from all kinds of side effects as it fixes synthetic hairs to the scalp and looks original. After the process customers and even swim, travel in open vehicle and do any type of work. Surgery is not required and procedure is free from allergic complaints and does not involve hair transplantation. People from 15 to 80 years of age group are approaching US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING CENTRE for their treatment. People are interested in this method because it does not affect their daily routine. Customer has spend only two hours for the whole process.

Plenty of hair passage holes like human skin pores provide abundant air circulation that prevents heat.Hair fixing can be done for those who lost their hair after chemotherapy treatment also. Like men, women can also avail this hair fixing technique US ADVANCED HAIR FIXING provide six months free services for their customers.

vision & mission

out vision is to find a permanent solution to baldness so that people are ot held back by thier lack of self confidence,but can go out and perform to the full extent of their capabilities.

our mission is to offer an affordable alternative that will help the common man to banish the bad look,make him feel he has a natural head of hair and give him the confidence to face up to the world.

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